Diamond blades are known for their ability to quickly cut through hard materials. Electroplated diamond saw blades are designed for cutting through brittle natural stones like medium to soft marble and onyx. By electroplating the diamonds to the saw blade, the blade can be thinner, resulting in faster, safer, and chip-free cutting of fragile materials. Don’t damage your materials with a lower quality blade, at DeFusco we always offer high quality at low price.

Electroplated diamond saw blades are found in countless industrial and commercial settings, cutting through brittle materials with ease. Try one of our electroplated blades in your shop and you wont be disappointed. The electroplated blades that we carry are equipped with 7/8-5/8 arbors, so they will fit in all your standard handheld saws and grinders. If you can’t find the size or style you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll gladly find you the blade you’re looking for.