Tuckpointing blades are specially designed to quickly and efficiently clean mortar joints. The tuckpointing blades that you’ll find at DeFusco Industrial Supply are laser welded to provide a supreme grade, top quality blade, which will last longer than most other tuckpointing blades. With our blades you can do more than just remove mortar joints from concrete, pavers, bricks, blocks, and stones, you can also create decorative joints in your masonry surfaces with ease.

Although it’s true that brick buildings will last for hundreds of years, the mortar that holds the bricks together won’t. From time to time, maintenance will have to be performed in order to repair and replace damaged mortar joints. These high quality diamond tuckpointing blades will provide fast removal of old mortar, making your repairs easier to accomplish. If you’re looking to order more than one tuckpointing blade for a larger project, we offer larger discounts for quantity purchases.