Crack chaser diamond saw blades are manufactured specifically to efficiently clean out cracks in concrete. With their V-shaped design, crack chasers follow the cracks in concrete slabs, while smoothing out the cracks edges, producing a clean groove, which can easily be filled. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we offer the highest quality crack chasers available, in a variety of sizes, at greatly discounted prices. Our crack chasers will fit all standard handsaws and grinders.

In addition to cleaning out the cracks in your concrete slabs, you can use crack chaser blades for cutting artistic designs in your concrete and stone surfaces. Whatever your application, you’re sure to find the diamond saw blades that your looking for on our site. If you’re having trouble finding the right blade for your applications, contact us. One of our staff members will happily help you find the blade you’re looking for, at a price you can afford.