We carry white non-woven pads, Hogshair pads, steel wool pads and stainless steel wool pads.

Brilliant for polishing and buffing, the needle-punched construction of the TEXSTEEL Floor Pads makes them ideal for special problems like rough or uneven floors. The pads are tougher, stronger and more compact than any other pad. They won’t tear, shred, fray at the edges, and have less tendency to roll or bunch up. Designed for maximum performance. Turn on the floor machine and hundreds of long strands of quality steel wool meet dirt, old or new wax at the right angle for maximum efficiency. Radial action expertly cleans, dry scrubs, buffs, wax finishes or polishes floors of every description. Made to do the job right, economically. Priced competitively with ordinary steel wool floor pads, TEXSTEEL Floor Pads outperform and outlast even the so-called “premium” or “heavy duty” pads.