Ductile diamond blades are designed specifically for cutting through iron pipe and concrete coated steel piping. These ductile blades can also be used for cutting common masonry materials like block, brick, and concrete that may or may not contain metal reinforcement. When used in your high speed saw or brick saw, the unique design of these diamond ductile blades will minimize heat up and prevent build up with the diamond spirals that run down both sides of the blade.

Before these dry ductile diamond blades are released to the market they are first put through stringent resistance and quality testing. Every blade must meet or exceed the high standards set by top brands like MK Diamond, Diamante Italia, and Slayer Diamond or they are discarded. Approved blades will prevent the formation of external and internal shrinkage defects, reduce energy requirements, and provide outstanding performance.

These ductile diamond blades are great for municipalities since they can cut all kinds of materials making them great for multi-purpose use. Designers, architects, builders, and contractors all agree that these dry ductile diamond iron cutting saw blades provide amazing results for all types of cutting applications. Although these ductile blades have a higher up front cost, their extremely high durability and long life provides huge cost savings over time. In addition to this obvious financial advantage, there are many benefits to ductile diamond blades that include reduced blade wear, easy operation, minimized labor, and reduced health-endangering particles.

The efficient design of ductile blades utilizes tall segment height in order to reduce heat and minimize blade wear. In addition, because these blades are designed to cut iron, you don’t have to worry about reinforcing rods that may be present in the materials you are cutting, which would normally create massive wear on other blades.

Ductile blades are easy to operate, resistant, and extremely sharp, which is why many contractors and commercial facilities prefer them to any other blade type for cutting hard materials like iron, stone, and concrete. These blades also eliminate the need for messy coatings and waxes, making them easier to use, while reducing operating time, expense, and labor.

Probably the most important benefit to using dry ductile iron cutting diamond blades is their unique properties that protect the operator from health endangering dust particles. Since these blades reduce heat, minimize harmful particles, and cut with extreme precision, they are idea for use in the toughest applications in the shop or in the field.