The quality of the Weha 3 Step Hybrid system is changing the way fabrication shops are operating. The Technology developed behind these polishing pads is truly an advancement that will change the fabrication process. In the past, we all knew that in order to get a real deep quality polish, 7 step pads couldn’t be beat. Then we started seeing 5 steps. Sometimes they worked on light materials. But when it came to dark granites, we would get good results but still have to use a buff pad.So when the 3 step system came along, many of us thought:”what is this gimmick? It is possible to work on light materials but the polish will not be  there, especially on dark stone”.

In reality if you use less expensive 3 step pads, you may not even get that. In a 3 step system, quality and the price will truly set the pads apart. Cheap simply will not work. When we take the Weha 3 Step Hybrid pads to a shop, we hear that the fabricator has already tried a 3 step and it didn’t work. And they are skeptical to try it. But we ask the fabricator to go get a piece of black or brown engineered stone, or a white marble, or a black granite and run a 3 foot section with the Weha 3 Step Hybrids and just see the results. After seeing the results, he will call every fabricator in the shop has to come over and see the finish. If you run them you will just shake your head and can’t believe that 3 pads will give that depth of gloss and polish. We are  not talking about on light materials. That is just a given. We have seen the results on: Black Absolute, Baltic Brown, Uba Tuba, Every dark piece of silestone from gray to black to brown.

Marble: absolutely! Why buy separate 4, 5, or 6 step marble pads? Let the shop use the same pads on all the stone that comes through the shop.

What about Dry polishing?
There are times that you want or have to run pads dry. The Weha 3 Step Hybrids will polish marble and granite completely dry with outstanding results.
You cannot use them on Quartz materials. The heat generated burns the resin in the quartz.

Quality at a very competitive price

As with any premium quality product, price cannot be equal to inferior made products.
As the old saying goes: you get what you pay for.
That saying is extremely true in 3 step pads.