These supreme copper polishing pads from Slayer offer ultra fast polishing of both the top and the edge of your stones. Slayer’s supreme polishing pads are available in nine steps including 50-grit through 5,000-grit, which is an extra step finer than most other polishing pads. The extra step won’t bother you though, these pads are so fast, you’ll still finish faster than you would using an eight-step polishing systems. Slayer pads offer killer performance, at affordable prices.

Join the new revolution of ultra fast polishing. These polishing pads from Slayer, incorporate copper into the resin, which creates the fastest and most efficient polishing pad ever seen. Take caution when using these aggressive polishing pads, if they become dry, they can burn your stone surface. Make sure to keep them wet at all times. At DeFusco we’re always trying to find ways to make your work easier and affordable, that’s why we offer quantity discounts on these top quality supreme copper polishing pads.