Slayer’s 4-inch premium polishing pads are perfect for all your natural stone polishing applications. These polishing pads can be used on either your wet or dry grinder, with or without water. The unique design of these dry polishing pads allows them to stay cool eliminated the need for water and the sloppy mess that comes with it. The full 5-piecse sets that you’ll find here include 5 polishing pads, which do the work of 8, allowing you to complete your projects faster.

The high quality ceramic dry or wet polishing pads in this five-piece set from slayer will save you both time and money. The first time you fix a tile or slab on location instead of having to bring it back to the shop, these pads will pay for themselves with the time saved alone. Since you can run these pads dry on a low speed grinder, you won’t make a sloppy wet mess in your customer’s home allowing for quick and easy clean up.