When it polishing concrete with standard polishing pads, the colors tend to bleed into your concrete, creating a stain that’s hard to remove. With our premium concrete polishing pads, there are no pigments. This allows you to polish with no color bleed and no staining of your concrete surfaces. These pads are designed to be aggressive and last long, while producing a high gloss shine on all concrete surfaces. Manufactured by Diamante Italia to ensure the highest quality.

Made using a heat-tolerant resin mixture, high quality diamonds, and a durable Velcro backing, these polishing pads will last longer than any other concrete polishing pad on the market. You can run these pads wet or dry on your low speed polisher, wet polisher, variable speed grinder, or even a planetary floor machine, at speeds up to 4,000 RPM. Our repeat customers love using these pads on concrete countertops, because their smooth flexibility allows for quick and easy polishing of curved or rounded edges.