Why pay a ridiculous price of other brands when you can get all the same advantages from Orbit’s 4-inch premium polishing pads for half the price. These 3.2mm thick wet polishing pads have hoop and loop backings so they’ll work with any backer that uses the hoop and loop design. We tested Orbit’s premium polishing pads against several other brands and found that Orbit’s pads not only worked faster, but the 3,000 grit pad produced a better finish than several buff pads.

Additional benefits provided by Orbit’s premium polishing pads are that you’re not limited to wet polishing; these pads can dry polish as well. With several grits to choose from, running from 50-grit to 3,000-grit, there’s always a polishing pad that’s right for your stone. And since there’s no dye in Orbit’s resin, there’s no chance of colors bleeding off and staining your stones. These pads are ideal for use on marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stones.