These top quality 4” sandpaper discs from Diamante Italia are not made of sand or paper. Manufactured using high quality diamonds and a flexible metal backing pad, these discs have the most aggressive removal rate available. This extremely fast removal is made possible due to their 100% diamond exposure, which makes them faster than all impregnated grinding discs. These low cost 4” diamond sandpaper discs are available from us in several different grits.

Simply attach these 4” diamond sandpaper discs to your wet or dry grinder or sander using any Velcro backer. These discs are ideal for use on metals, concrete, stone, tile, and even swimming pool PebbleTec surfaces. If your looking for a long lasting tool to quickly smooth just about any surface, these are what you’re looking for.

The 4” sandpaper discs offered on our site are available as either a full set or individually and both are offered at reduced prices when ordered in bulk.