If you’ve ever tried to polish engineered stone, you know what a challenge it can be. Engineered stone has a tendency to wear out polishing pads or burn while you’re trying to create that high luster. These new 4” Gamma wet polishing pads are uniquely designed for the demands of engineered stones. Gamma polishing pads offer a long life, create a perfect finish, and are endorsed and recommended by the Ceasar Stone fabricating manual!

Engineered stone is manufactured with 93 percent quarts and 7 percent poly resin, making it an extremely hard stone. These Gamma polishing pads have been designed with that in mind. When used correctly Gamma pads will create the standard snakeskin finish of engineered stone, making it easy to match your existing engineered stones. Available in a full set of eight pads, or individually in grits ranging from 50 to 3000. A black buff pad is also available.