These four-inch copper resin shine pads from Diamante Italia are a new design and not for the do-it-yourselfer. Specifically designed for the professional fabricator that’s having trouble creating a high gloss luster on the lamination area of their stones vertical edges. These four-inch pads use a hybrid copper and resin bond, a copper outer ring and a resin inner ring, and are ideal for wet polishing straight edges to a high luster. Designed for use with most Velcro backers.

The soft metal copper bond effectively removes the scratches better than any other metal bond, while the resin bond polishing the stones surface to miraculous shine. Other than Alpha Twisttough turbo, these are the only polishing pads that we carry for use when top polishing straight surfaces. Note, these pads are not flexible, do not try and use them to polish any curved surfaces or you will damage your finish.