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De Fusco Industrial Supply is in its 30th year as one of the nation’s pre-eminent sources for equipment, supplies and service to the tile, stone and masonry industries. We pride ourselves in the ability to serve virtually any type of customer, from the do-it-yourself homeowner to the largest contractors whose work with stone and masonry demand first-rate equipment and flawless performance. For all of these years we have offered not only premium lines of industrial equipment and specialty supplies, but an unmatched knowledge base to more effectively assist our customers who work in the field with tile, stone and masonry for their livelihood. To us, there’s no greater reward than that.

Core drilling is a method that uses industrial grade power equipment tipped with specialized diamond cutting tools to bore or cut neat, precise holes into and through hard surfaces such as tile, stone, masonry and concrete. Basically, a stone or concrete core drill consists of a steel tube or casing with an industrial-grade diamond-tipped segmented bit on the end of the drill tube. This drilling assembly is mounted into a rotating steel shaft that is powered electrically, sometimes in tandem with an internal hydraulic pressure system.

Most core drilling rigs are portable enough to be wheeled or rotated into place, and hand-held by an operator to drill the core hole in the desired location. Larger rigs may sometimes be positioned over the work area and temporarily anchored into place to perform the work more accurately and safely. The diamond-tipped bits used on core drilling rigs generally come in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch up to about 30 inches in diameter, although some rigs and drill bits can bore holes much larger in width, depending upon the material and particular conditions at the work site.

Core drilling is used primarily by engineers, materials testing labs and various construction trades. Many times, core samples are drilled out of a masonry wall, concrete floor slab or even a natural stone formation to test the material for compression strength, density or other metrics to insure the safety of the material used in a structure. More commonly, core drilling is used by various contractors and trades to create precise openings in the floors or walls of a building. This gives them a clear access to install pipes, electrical conduit, heating and ventilation duct work, fiber optics, telephone lines or any other components necessary to the infrastructure of the building.

When you peruse our site, you’ll see that DeFusco Industrial Supply handles a wide range of the Manta line of core drilling rigs and supplies. All of these tough machines are proudly manufactured in the USA to rigorous standards by MK Diamond, a leader in the industrial drilling equipment industry. Matching your stone and masonry work requirements to our equipment is something that we take very seriously and we do it very well.

Our fully portable MK Series wet core drills are able to be deployed to do their job in places and conditions where other rigs simply can’t cut the mustard. The entire range of Manta III Series machines featuring anchor, tilt-stand and combination core drill units are some of the finest available to the industry. Every one of these machines have precision rack-and-pinion carriages for accurate site set-up, double-sealed bearings for minimum maintenance and our exclusive positive anchoring systems for every vertical and horizontal drilling requirement. Additionally all of our core drill units are powered by rugged Milwaukee brand electric motors, custom-tailored to the size, speeds and specifics of each Manta III core drill model. To put it bluntly, no matter the job and whatever your needs, we likely have the exact core drilling equipment to help you to do your work, efficiently and affordably.

Additionally, and we’re very proud of this, De Fusco Industrial Supply has some of the most knowledgeable equipment techs, staff and consultants in the industrial cutting and drilling business. Whether it’s some home improvement work or a sizeable construction project, we’re here to provide you with the finest core drilling equipment, supplies and real time hands-on expertise to assure you’ll get things done right…we guarantee it! We proudly carry the Manta line from MK Diamond. Their core Drill Rigs are among the best manufactured anywhere, so for high quality products from a name you can trust we have the line on these for you!

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