At DeFusco Industrial Supply you’ll find a wide selection of ductile abrasive cutoff wheels for cutting through iron pipes. These premium grade cutoff wheels are available in several sizes and can be used in either your bench mounted saw or your high-speed hand held. Made in the USA by name brands that professionals trust.

These cutoff wheels are designed to make your job easier when you have to cut through concrete coated steel or ductile iron pipe. Their multi-ply fiberglass reinforced design, makes these ductile cutoff wheels shatterproof while extending their life. Why settle for lesser quality cutoff wheels when you can have top quality brand names like Bullard Abrasives and Continental Abrasives for the same price?

We’re always looking for ways to save you money, that’s why we offer a quantity discount on larger orders. If you want to place a large order contact us by phone and one of your staff members will provide you with the lowest possible price.