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  • Omni Cubed Pro-Anchor Electric With Vacuum

The Pro-Anchor™ T-31 Anchor Machine easily and precisely cuts curved T-slots in stone for bottom-mount sinks and architectural facings. The machine features precision alignment indicators for accuracy, and a unique split-clamp design for optimum grinder stability (won’t wear or vibrate loose like set screws). The Pro-Anchor™ is available in electric or pneumatic models, each with an optional vacuum base. The vacuum base is separated into two independent zones, enabling use near cutouts or edges where the entire base cannot be in contact with the stone surface. The vacuum base seal is cut from a single piece of neoprene rubber to provide a seamless, leak-proof seal for minimal air consumption. The machine also features quick-couplers for air and water, and the water hose easily detaches to spray the work area. The grinder accepts any T-31 anchor bit with a ¼” shank. All models include a convenient carrying/storage case; electric models include a GFCI outlet adapter.

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Omni Cubed Pro-Anchor Electric With Vacuum

  • Brand: Omni-Cubed
  • Product Code: PA-132-EV
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $995.00