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Oma Antarex Bowl Cutting Machine for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartz Counter Tops

Why buy a granite radial arm machine that takes up such a large floor space just to cut out bowls?

What is the best way to cut granite sinks or marble vanity tops out?

The Oma Antarex Bowl Cutting machine will cut out a sink bowl or vanity bowl in granite, marble, engineered stone in half the time a radial arm machine will.

At 44,000 rpm, the Oma Granite Bowl Cutter runs at 4 times the speed of radial arm machines.

Radial Arm machines use 20mm diameter diamond tips that require many passes around and around the sink template to cut out the bowl or vanity.

The Oma Antarex Bowl Cutter uses a 3/8" (10mm) diamond finger bit that requires only 1 pass in 2cm and 3cm stone.

The Oma Antarex bowl cutting router runs at a solid 4 HP, stronger than the most popular radial arm machines.

The Antarex granite bowl cut out system takes up virtually no footprint in the shop. While radial arm machines require approximately 48 square feet, just for the machine, the Antarex is completely mobile.

No need to even have a dedicated work table. Using the same workbench used to polish the bowl and edges, simply cut the bowl out on the existing table and then polish without ever having to move the stone from the workbench.

To set up a radial arm machine, the radial arm machine must be delivered on a flatbed, then used with the forklift to set the saw.

Then level the machine and some even bolt it to the floor.

The Antares machine ships LTL common carrier. Take it out of the box, wire it 220 single or 3 phase, fill the unit with oil, screw in the diamond bit, set your template and start cutting out the bowl. 
Save hours of time from delivery to working.

How does the Antares Bowl Cutter work with templates? 

The same way all radial arm machines do. There is a non-moving template guide that rides against the sink template. 

How does the Antarex Granite and Stone Bowl Cutter compare verse a Radial Arm Machine?

Radial Arm Machines cost between $19,000-$30,000. Plus flatbed delivery.
The Oma Antarex Bowl Cutting System consists of the Router and Hydraulic Pump. If you include the diamond bit, the cost Less than $7,500.00, including delivery!

The Antarex can cut out any size hole as well as any countertop shape configuration at any length. If you can template it, the Oma Antarex bowl cutter can cut it out.

Built with aircraft Aluminum and stainless steel construction with fiberglass covers(not plastic) the Oma Antarex is a router that will provide many many years of fabrication work.

The Antarex rides on16 nylon rollers supported by spheres of stainless steel. This can easily sit on top of the template.

Rather than providing only external loc line that can be accidentally hit and the bit run dry, Oma exclusively provides center water feed through the spindle and bit.

This keeps everything in the machine: bearings, spindles, hydraulic oil, etc, running cool for extra longevity. Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of the bit running dry. It also ensures the bit will never clog.

Average processing time per average cut out: 

3 minutes for 3 feet of working in 2 cm marble

4 minutes for 3 feet of working in 3 cm marble

3/4 minutes for 3 feet of working in 2 cm granite

4/6 minutes for 3 feet of working in 3 cm granite

Powered by the Oma 4 HP hydraulic power unit which provides power by means of hydraulic fluid to the router.

This has many advantages:
1) No electricity at the head of the machine. Zero chance of electric shock to the operator.
2) Eliminates all-electric motor vibration that electric motors will create.
3) The hydraulic pump provides so much power to the spindle that it becomes practically impossible to slow the machine down, even on 6cm profiling.
4) The same hydraulic pump runs the Oma CP99 router, as well as the Galaxy hand saw. 
5) The hydraulic pump allows the Oma Antarex itself to be much lighter and more compact.

Dimensions: 20" x 12" x 16") (500 x 300 x 400mm). Weight: 35 lbs (16kg).

This compact and lightweight bowl cutter make it easier to use, less user fatigue, and easy to move from one workstation to another. 
Built with aircraft Aluminum and stainless steel construction with fiberglass covers(not plastic) the Oma Antarex will provide many many years of fabrication work.

Oma Systems started, and is still active, in the aeronautics industry. Precision manufacturing is not expected. Its demanded and guaranteed!

The Oma System of machines is no exception to this rule. What you are buying with the Oma Antarex is a state of the art bowl cutting machine to truly save you time and effort in the fabrication process.

Comes with an Extra Complete Spindle Assembly.

If you are in the market for a machine to primarily cut out granite, marble, engineered stone sinks and vanity bowls, save money, save shop space, and increase your production time with the Oma Antarex Bowl Cutter.

Compare OMA to Popular Radial Arm Machines



Fab King



4 HP

3 HP

5 HP


220 Single or 3 phase

220 Single Phase 

220 3 Phase






35 lbs

1520 lbs

2700 lbs


20" x 12" x 16"

141" x 44" x 71"

138" x 28" x 68"





Leveling Required




Center Water Feed





1 Year

1 Year

1 Year



Flat Bed

Flat Bed

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The Oma Antarex Bowl Cutter is the best granite bowl cutting machine for speed, function, space, and cost.

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Oma Antarex Hydraulic Bowl Cutting Machine

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