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  • MLT System Ready Line Starter Kit w/Gun

The MLT System is a patented lippage tuning system for the installation of floor and wall tiles. It enhances the installer's skill and assures the installation is flat by eliminating possible lippage during the install and curing process. Ideal for setting gauged porcelain tiles, standard ceramic and porcelain tiles and uncalibrated stone and marble.

The MLT System consists of three main components:

  • Reusable Cap
  • Reusable Strap and Bottom Plates
  • Single-Use Ready Strap

The "Ready Line" Starter kit is designed to allow the tile contractor an opportunity to test the MLT System with single-use straps.

Kit includes:

  • 100 each MLT Tensioning Caps
  • 100 each MLT T2 Ready Line Straps
  • 1 each Tensioning G

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MLT System Ready Line Starter Kit w/Gun

  • $211.95