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LED Backlighting for Stone

Published: 09/16/2015 Comments: 2

LED backlighting panels are a great, easy way to add an awesome lighting effect to your countertops, cabinets, sinks and bathrooms, or anywhere else that you might have a stone installation. These lighting panels work with granite, quartz, agate, glass, and much more. Not only will you be adding a high-class ambiance to your home, but you're bound to impress your friends, family, and guests.

Read on for some great ideas and examples of LED backlighting for stone surfaces. Maybe you'll even find a bit of inspiration for your own project!

  1. Bar Top Lighting

    Do you own a restaurant or bar? Or perhaps you've considered installing one in your home? Check out this beautiful back-lit bar top.

    LED Bar Top Backlighting
  2. Agate Countertop Lighting

    Agate is popular right now, and tends to look especially impressive when accompanied by a backlighting effect.

    Agate Counter Top With LED Backlighting
  3. Kitchen Countertop

    Another elegant application of LED backlighting for kitchen countertops.

    LED Back-lit Kitchen Countertop
  4. Bathtub Lighting

    LED Backlighting Around Bath Tub
  5. Bar Side Lighting

    Rather than the bar top itself being lit, here we see a great use of backlighting along the sides of the bar.

    Bar With LED Side Lighting
  6. Sink Counter Lighting

    LED Backlit Sink Counter
  7. Bathroom Countertop Lighting

    Countertops truly come to life with LED backlighting.

    Blue Bathroom LED-lit Counter Top

LED Light Panels

If you're interested in lighting up your own stone surface, be it bathroom or kitchen sink, there's no easier way to do it than with LED backlighting panels. One dimmable driver will power up to 24 Stoneglo Backlighting System Panels, and the panels themselves can be cut to shape to cover virtually any surface, no matter the dimensions!

Who knows, maybe it will be your own custom project that we feature next.



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