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Rod Jacking - STOP IT!

Published: 04/11/2018 Comments: 0

If you are using steel rodding and not completely encapsulating it in epoxy it can lead to ROD JACKING (oxide jacking).

Rod jacking is what happens when a steel rod rusts inside the stone countertop. This can be caused by not fully enclosing the rod in epoxy, or even by fully enclosing it with glues other than epoxy. Other glues may not be watertight or can crack over time allowing moisture to have access to the steel rod, just like if it is not fully encapsulated.

Once moisture reaches the steel it will cause rusting or oxidation. The chemical reaction of oxidation releases gases which get trapped in the stone and glue and when the pressure builds up it causes the stone to crack.

Take a look at the pictures on this page. These are all actual cases of steel rodding that rusted, causing the stone to break. We have a solution.

We carry fiberglass and carbon fiber rodding. According to the Marble Institute of America both fiberglass and carbon fiber rodding are stronger than steel rodding.

Here at DeFusco Industrial Supply fiberglass is much less expensive than steel rodding. Neither fiberglass or carbon fiber rodding will ever rust, they cost less and are good for your business, so why are you still getting steel from us?

If you do have a case of rod jacking we have an expert restoration contractor who can fix the problem!


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