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  • Bullnosing Tile Like the Pros DVD

Bullnosing Tile Like the Pros - an instructional DVD from DeFusco Industrial Supply

If you have ever wanted to know how to bullnose your tiles so you can use them for countertops or baseboards then this instructional DVD is meant for you! This is"Bullnosing Tile Like the Pros". It is a 90 minute tutorial on how to bullnose and polish the edges of tiles.

It covers how to use a router bit on a grinder or a profile wheel on a tile saw to make the edge detail. Then it shows how to finish the edge to match the face of the tiles. The polishing covered in this production includes:

  • Polishing Travertine to a honed finish
  • Polishing Marble with PVA wheels
  • Polishing Granite with diamond polishing pads

After viewing this DVD you should feel comfortable working the edges on natural stone and we will help you!

The diamond router bits and diamond profile wheels used in this DIY DVD are made by Diamante Italia. The dry diamond polishing pads, wet diamond polishing pads and diamond sandpaper are made by either Diamante Italia or Slayer Diamond Tools. The PVA discs are made by Barranca Diamond Products. When you use tob brands like these for polishing granite or marble tiles or honing travertine tiles you will get excellent results!

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Bullnosing Tile Like the Pros DVD

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