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  • Granite Top Polishing Kit DELUXE

The Deluxe Granite Top Polishing Kit:  This is the professional's choice for removing scratches and then repolishing a granite counter top. In the kit you three resin turbo grinding discs and an adapter for use with a polisher. You also get a 1,000 grit, a 2,000 grit and a 3,000 grit Alpha Ceramica pad, a two pound tub of MB-20 granite polishing compound a five hogs hair pads, three white pads, a 4" a 5" and a 7" backer pad. All you have to provide is the polisher and some water!

Use the resin turbo cups to remove the scratch and clean up the stone. Then the Alpha pads will give you full color and a high gloss finish. You can then use the MB-20 until you match the factory finish. At this point you may consider using a good sealer on the stone like Proseal. See the lists below for a full description.

  • NSI 300, 500, and 1000 grit turbos, NSI Adapter
  • NSI 4", 5", and 7" backers
  • Alpha Ceramica 1000, 2000, 3000 grit resin pad
  • 1 Tub of MB-20
  • 5 Hogs Hair pads (6 3/4")
  • 3 White super gloss pads

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Granite Top Polishing Kit DELUXE

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