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  • Tenax Glaxs BM 75 Glue for Marble - 250mL

GLAXS BM 75 GLUE is a new generation BI-component glue with zero yellowing to the sun and UV rays. It is transparent, solvent free, low viscosity and medium reactivity. The resin hardening time is minimally affected by the outside air temperature. The glue will not stain white marbles and light color granites. Unlike other glues, Glaxs can be used both outside and inside and will not break down or darken.

  • Odorless
  • Not a HAZMAT!!!

This glue comes in a caulk cartridge for easy mixture and application.

While each cartridge does come with 2 nozzles, extra nozzles are highly recommended as our customers average 5-6 nozzles per cartridge. This happens when you are using this on an install and you put the gun down for 20 minutes the glue inside the glue inside the nozzle will harden, making that nozzle unusable. These cartridges use the M200XMR gun for dispensing and the MMIXERMFH063 ladder nozzles to mix the glue. This is a great system once you get used to it. The glue always hardens at the same speed and you will know there is hardener if there is color as the hardener is included in the colored past of the mix. With this cartridge, dispenser, and gun you will always get the right mixture so the glue sets up perfectly for you! 

The glue comes in premeasured packaging to have the right ratio of materials mixed when used completely. If fewer quantities are desired you need to get an electronic scale and make sure you have the right ratio between A and B part. The Ratio is 100 parts A +70 parts B. Always mix the products in a clean plastic tub or non-waxed paper cup. Make sure water is not present and the mixing tools are clean. Ratio is very critical!

GLAXS is perfect on white and light colored marble since it doesn't bleed into the stone. Unlike water clear transparent flowing and knife grade polyester resins which usually bleed into the seam due to the MEK liquid hardener (which is actually what tends to bleed). Even epoxy can bleed since is very slow curing.

Glaxs also has the double convenience to be completely UV stable (15 years guaranteed against yellowing) and completely independent from outside temperature as far as curing time (32 minutes both in winter or summer). GLAXS is far superior glue than any water clear polyester glue. Those glues were introduced in the market just for filling white marbles and are not very strong. The gel time in bulk of GLAXS is 35 minutes (more or less). As far as the measuring of the Glaxs, sure you can mix it yourself without using the entire product, but you need to measure it as ratio is critical! Eyeballing is NOT going to work. If you need a digital scale let us know and we can get you a good one at a good price.

Here is how you MUST do: measure the weight of a paper cup, press TARE (so the scale zeroes again), change the weight in grams (much easier...), add 100 grams of part A, press tare again, add 70 grams of part B and mix it thoroughly. If you are mixing any less or any more you need to pull up a calculator and make sure you use the same ratio. Sounds complicated??? Use the whole product pouch and forget about it!

The only thing to be completely sure is that the 2 surfaces to be glued MUST be completely DRY and CLEAN.



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Tenax Glaxs BM 75 Glue for Marble - 250mL

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