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  • DX 15mm Radius Plated B-Profile Wheel for Raimondi Bulldog

This is the Position 3 Plated 140/170 grit profile wheel made by MK Diamond that completes the shape when used with the Raimondi Bulldog. It smooths the tile and makes it ready for the resin bond polishing wheels. This Position 3 wheel completes the shape. It makes the tile smooth and ready for the resin bond polishing wheels. This plated profile wheel is the position three for final shaping and smoothing your tiles with a 15mm radius.

MK Diamond Profile Wheels are designed to achieve a quality finish on all profile and bevel shapes. The unique design of the profile wheel allows for even removal rates with minimal effort. Shaping and polishing is a process which takes time and requires that each grit size be used properly to achieve a quality finish.

Polishing Steps:

  1. Rough shape material to the desired profile using the Segmented 30/40 grit profile wheel.
  2. Next change wheel to the Sintered Profile Wheel. Smooth the surface as much as possible with the 60/80 grit. Check the wheel height and depth to ensure full contact with the previously created profile.
  3. Change to the Plated Wheel, 140/170 grit. The smoothing of the surface during this stage of polishing will determine the quality of the finish that will be achieved.
  4. Once all large scratches have been sufficiently removed the finer grit resin bond wheels can be used to achieve the quality finish. The fine grit resin bonded pads consist of 400, 800, 1,500, 1,800 and 3,500. If more luster/color from the polished surface is desired, use the Buff wheel. Usually if you use the 400, 800 and 1500 grit that should be enough gloss for the job, but occasionally our customers have required higher grits for a higher gloss.

Important Points in the Polishing Process:

  • Never skip grit sizes during the shaping/polishing process. Skipping grit sizes will result in an unsatisfactory finish to the stone.
  • To finish the profile always use the same radius wheel as used for the initial shaping.

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DX 15mm Radius Plated B-Profile Wheel for Raimondi Bulldog

  • Brand: MK Diamond
  • Product Code: 166078Z
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  • $219.90

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