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  • Wet Cutting Green Concrete & Asphalt Core Bit 1 3/4 Inch

These are the 1 3/4 inch diameter wet cutting Diamond Coring Bits for Cutting Holes in Asphalt & Green Concrete. These Coring Bits have 1 1/4x7UNC female thread to fit all core rigs, and are designed for Cutting Asphalt & Green Concrete. These Diamante Italia Brand Diamond Core Bits with long life and excellent cutting speeds are among the best available today and have a performance cost that cannot be beat!

Nothing will out perform these premium quality professional grade Diamond Core Bits for Cutting Asphalt and Green Concrete. These Diamond Core Bits feature segments with a high grade of Diamond with a large grit size and a high Diamond concentration for long life. These professional grade Diamond Core Bits are made for heavy daily use and are excellent for Cutting Concrete reinforced with rebar or mesh. These Concrete Cutting Diamond Coring Bits have the best price to performance ratio available. Because these premium quality Diamond Core Bits last long, they are economical to use.

  • 14 inch Overall Length
  • 1/8 inch Wide Crowned Bit
  • 8mm segment depth
  • Long Life
  • Excellent Cutting Speed
  • Pointed Segments

Asphalt Cutting

These Asphalt Cutting Diamond Core Bits use a pointed segment. These pointed segments allow for easy penetration, fast cutting speeds and long life. The segments will retain the same shape for the life of the Core Bit. If you are tired of purchasing cheap imports, you have come to the right place! These Core Bits feature long life with excellent cutting speeds.

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Wet Cutting Green Concrete & Asphalt Core Bit 1 3/4 Inch

  • $129.90

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