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  • 6 Inch Slayer Brazed Profile Wheel - 3/8 Inch Radius

These are a great tool for you to put a consistent 3/8" radius edge on your tiles! These 6" blades work on any 10" tile saw. Just block the material up 2" and make sure the saw is aligned.

You will have perfectly uniformed bullnosed edges on your tile. If you have ever had a problem profiling porcelain with conventional impregnated profile wheels (slow cutting, inconsistent turns, etc.) you will absolutely LOVE these! Not only are they the fastest cutting profile wheels you have ever seen, but they never lose their shape.

If you need to polish the stone after putting in the contour, visit our section under polishing pads!

  • For bullnosing stone, ceramic, or porcelain products
  • Can be used on any material
  • Fast removal rate
  • Long life
  • Designed to cut and profile on same pass!

Slayer - for Killer Performance!

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6 Inch Slayer Brazed Profile Wheel - 3/8 Inch Radius

  • $169.90

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