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These are the new resin filled turbo cup wheels from Slayer. They are the best grinding cups for granite on the market!

These grinding cups are designed for wet grinding of all natural stone. Since they are a hybrid metal bond/resin bond they offer long life coupled with smoother finishes to get you into your next step more easily.

This is the fine cup which will leave your stone noticeably cleaner than other fine cupwheels. It is also excellent for use on brittle materials - From Slayer - for Killer Performance!

When your finished with this, it's like being on your 400 grit polishing pad already!

  • Wet, hybrid grinding cups
  • Metal / resin hybrid bond
  • Can be used on Granite, marble and any other natural stone
  • No Bouncing
  • No Vibration
  • Supreme quality




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4 Inch Slayer Resin Filled Turbo Cup Wheel - Fine - Alum Backer

  • $64.90

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