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This is a revolutionary product which will save you time and money! These are 4" resin grinding cups. This 60 grit grinding cup will remove material as fast as any metal bonded grinding cup with a much smooth finish. This allows you to skip the first one or two polishing pads in your polishing process so you can get your job done faster. Due to the continuous resin bonding used on this tool, this diamond cup wheel can be used on granite, engineered stone, marble, travertine, limestone or even onyx! If you have ever had problems getting smooth finishes when grinding brittle materials like marble then you will love this resin bonded diamond cup wheel!

This cup wheel requires you to use it with water as a coolant - do NOT run this unit dry! You can use it with a center feed water grinder or with a regular variable speed grinder set to low or medium speed with water on the face of the stone.

  • Ultra Aggressive material removal
  • 5/8"-11 threaded arbor
  • Ultra Smooth finishes for a coarse grinding cup
  • 60 Grit

Try this product and you will not want to use metal bonded grinding cups again!


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Diamante Italia 4 Inch x 5/8 - 11 Resin Bond Cupwheel - 60 Grit

  • $26.90

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