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  • CD Mastidek Fast Outdoor Cartridge Glue Valterra 215 mL

While each cartridge does come with 2 nozzles, extra nozzles are highly recommended as our customers average 5-6 nozzles per tube. This happens when you are using this on an install and you put the gun down for 20 minutes the glue inside the nozzle will harden, making that nozzle unusable. The Mastidek 250ml cartridges use the M200XMR gun for dispensing and the MMIXERMFH063 ladder nozzles to mix the glue. This is a great system once you get used to it. The glue always hardens at the same speed and you will know there is hardener if there is color as the hardener is included in the correct part of the mix. With this cartridge, dispenser, and gun you will always get the right mixture so the glue sets up perfectly for you!

For use with Dekton Valterra

Mastidek Cartridge Glue for Cosentino Dekton is a new generation bi-component resin used to glue Dekton. Dekton Mastidek Fast Outdoor Cartridge glue has a very high adhesion in a short amount of time which allows for cutting and polishing the assembled parts in a short time...approximately 45-60 minutes. The hardened product is very shiny and is very polishable. This product is produced in special cartridges with a 2:1 bi-axial quantity 215 ml. The glue and hardener are pre-dosed in the cartridge which, once inserted in the proper gun, with the special mixer fixed on top, allows the correct extrusion and mixing of the product. Requires use of a special Cartridge Gun. Suitable for outdoors.

Directions for Use:
All surfaces must be cleaned and free of dust and grease. When applying to a polished or glossy surface it is advised to scrub the surface with sandpaper before gluing. Remove cap and attach the special threaded mixing nozzle. Squeeze out about 6" of product before applying to surface. Clean the nozzle after use, replace the cap and discard the mixing nozzle. Repeat this process at any change of mixer. After usage, clean the nozzle, replace the cap and discard the mixer after. Product will not set below 32°.

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CD Mastidek Fast Outdoor Cartridge Glue Valterra 215 mL

  • Brand: Tenax
  • Product Code: M3HVALTERRA
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