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  • Bellinzoni MangiaMacchia Spot Remover

The SPOT REMOVER "MangiaMacchia" (“StainEater” in Italian) is a special poultice, a paste product, especially formulated to remove stains on natural stone materials such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, terracotta and ceramics. It cleans the most common stains such as oil, industrial grease, coffee, food, ketchup and others. Its chemical composition allows it to deeply absorb resistant stains. The new water-based formulation is pleasantly scented. This product is certified and guaranteed food grade for direct contact with food use surfaces.


  • Appearance: Paste
  • Color: Gray / green
  • Odor: Characteristic scent
  • Specific gravity at 68° F: 1.00
  • Hydro-solubility: Soluble at every ratio
  • pH: 11.00

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Bellinzoni MangiaMacchia Spot Remover

  • Product Code: BELMM250ML
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  • $19.95