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Alpha® recognized the need to add a rigid version of this backer pad to its product line for straight edge or flat surface polishing applications. We realized that Ceramica, with a flexible backer pad, was too flexible for these applications and produced wavy finishes. Alpha® Rigid Backer Pads served to eliminate the wavy finish by keeping the Ceramica flat to the polished surface. Restoration workers find that the rigidness of the pad enables them to work in small areas such as corners or staircases. Large machine manufacturers recommend flexible diamond discs for use on their automatic edge polishing machines specifically for the bullnose application using the Alpha® Rigid Backer Pad. Hook and loop backed, like the flexible pads, they also accept Ceramica, Sandpaper, and Felt Wheels. The Rigid Backer Pad reduces surface distortion and wavy results on straight edges. It comes in the standard 5/8”-11 thread commonly found on most polishing tools today. Super rigid and flat, there is no other backer pad like this.

  • 4" diameter
  • 5/8"-11 threaded arbor
  • Comes with a spacer

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Alpha 4 Inch Rigid Backer

  • $26.95