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The Achilli MBS Gold Monoblock bridge saw with automatic head rotation performs straight cuts in all directions. Manual or automatic head tilt from 90° to 0° for tiled and horizontal cutting with special connection for mounting core drills. High precision head motion on linear guides with recirculating ball sides. All the features of the MBS IG plus it is capable of fully automatic operation or can be operated in a semi-automatic mode to give the operator full control of sawing operations. Manual or CNC, controlled tilt head from 90 to 0 degrees, 1/2 gas connection for mounting core drills, and perform an automatic drilling cycle to easily cut corners and remove the tension from the sintered material plates. Has pre-loaded parametric figures such as hexagon, octagon, kitchen top, trapezium polygon, etc. and profiling environment of the CNC to create artistic frames and decorations. 

CNC Control
CNC axis control unit with touch-screen color display for cut programming. It allows the automatic execution of cutting programs without manual intervention.

Head Motion
High precision head motion, on linear guides (X and Z axes) with recirculating ball slides by means of motors equipped with digital inverters.
Y-axis runs on steel guides with bearings.
X and Y axes run on angled rack and pinion.

Head Rotation
Automatic rotation of the head in two positions 0-90 degree, or from 0 to 360 degree controlled by CNC. Permits the execution of straight cuts along different interpolated lines and the execution of cutting programs without any manual operation.

Head Tilt
Manual or automatic head tilt from 90 to 0 degrees for inclined and horizontal cuts, degrees displayed by scale and arrow (manual version) or on the touch screen panel (automatic version).

Sturdy Structure
Steel frame, sandblasted and ceramic coated (hot-dip galvanized upon request).

Pre-loaded parametric figures such as hexagon, octagon, kitchen top, trapezium, polygon, etc.

Surface Profiling
The "PROFILING" environment of the CNC control unit, through the drawing menu, permits to create artistic frames and decorations for funerary art, square columns, or capital.

Available with fixed, tilting and/or rotating worktable. The worktable can be covered with replaceable marine plywood boards, or ready to pour concrete.


  • Machine Dimensions: 22'L x 9'6"W x 9'6"H
  • Weight: 6300 lbs
  • 230Volt / 3 Phase 60 Hz 60 Amp
  • Tilting and Rotating Worktable
  • Table Ready to Pour Concrete
  • 10" Color Touch Screen on Swivel Arm
  • 360 Degree Head Rotation
  • 15 HP Motor
  • Blade Sizes: 14", 16", 18", 20"
  • Laser
  • Wireless Pendant Control
  • Bellows on X-Axis to Protect Bridge
  • Head Motion: X-Axis 157", Y-Axis 92", Z-Axis 15"
  • Actual Cut Lengths: 137", 86", 15"
  • Automatic Head Tilt to 90°
  • Warranty: 12 Months for Parts

This product is made in Italy and after being manufactured ships to their facility in the U.S.A., please allow for shipping time. This saw is built to order.

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Achilli MBS Gold

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