WEHA 3 Step Polishing Pads - Set of 3

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These are the NEW Weha 3 step polishing system from Weha. This set has only 3 pads in it, Step#1, Step #2, & Step #3. You can use these 3 pads to wet polish any stone to a high gloss.

These are 4" resin bonded wet polishing pads. They have a velcro back to use with the same backer as our other polishing pads. They are designed for fast easy polishing of natural stone to a high gloss. 

These pads give every bit as good a clarity and gloss as the other high quality sets we sell using only 3 pads. The best part about the Weha 3 Step Polishing Pads is that for most of your stone polising you will only need these pads.

  • High Quality
  • Velcro backed


Watch our 3-Step pads in Action!

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