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  • Diamond Router Bit for Grinder - 40mm V Profile Bullnose

This new profiling tool fits on your grinders for bullnosing your edges in the field. These are a wet or dry diamond profiling wheel designed for use on your grinder. They have a 5/8" - 11" threaded arbor and have both a top and center bearing so you can get a true shape on all your granite and stone slabs! Because they are brazed you have 100% diamond exposure, which gives you the fastest stock removal on any profiling tool on the market!

This product is from Slayer - for Killer Performance!

This tool is specifically designed for putting a full bullnose (position V) on 40mm (4cm) thick granite, or more specifically for 2 pieces of 20mm granite that have been epoxied together in a lamination.

Use our grinding cup first to rough in the shape, then put this tool on your grinder to give you a perfect 40mm full bullnose on the stone. After the form is cut you can use our polishing pads to give you the correct shine on your newly cut edge to match the face of the stone.

  • Dry or wet cutting
  • Fastest cutting bit on the market
  • Cuts tile, marble, granite or any laminated slab 40mm thick (4cm, or about 1 1/2")
  • For high speed grinders

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Diamond Router Bit for Grinder - 40mm V Profile Bullnose

  • $289.90

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