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This is the NEW silicon carbide Grinding Wheel made for us by Ironstone. This grinding cup is excellent for grinding stone. In fact, it is made in Italy, where they know how to work with stone. In our tests this grinding cup cut faster and lasted longer than ALL other brands of silicon carbide stones of the same grit when used to grind natural stone.

The Ironstone stone cup can be run on a grinder. The maximum operating speed on these 4" grinding wheels is 9550RPM, but we suggest to stay below 6500RPM to make sure safety is a priority. They may be used either wet or dry, but in our tests they lasted longer when run dry. The 5/8” x 11 arbor is made from zinc alloy and the flexibility of the stone cup allows vibrations to be scattered safely.

  • 4" diameter
  • 2" deep
  • 5/8" arbor
  • Max RPM: 6500RPM
  • 36 grit


  • Handle all grinding wheels (even the hard and reinforced ones) very carefully.
  • If a grinding wheel is suspected of having been damaged or bumped, contact the manufacturer.


  • When receiving the shipment carefully check the packaging and all grinding wheels in order to make sure they have not been damaged in transit.
  • Store the grinding wheels carefully and rationally.

Choice and Mounting:

  • Use the right grinding wheel for the job.
  • Visually inspect the grinding wheel and if it's a vitrified one, ring test it to check for cracks. If in doubt refer to the manufacturer. Never use a cracked grinding wheel or one that may have been dropped or damaged. Make sure the machine speed never exceeds established safe operating speed marked on the wheel.
  • Do not force an abrasive grinding wheel onto machine or grinder, or alter size of the mounting hole. Don't use an abrasive grinding wheel that fits the arbor too loosely.
    Check mounting flanges for equal size, relived as required and correct diameter. Do not use mounting flanges on which bearing surface is not clean, flat or smooth.
  • Only a trained person should mount a grinding wheel.
  • Tighten mounting nut and bolt adequately to ensure a secure dragging. Nuts excessively tightened can damage flanges and wheel.
  • Always use adequate safety guards. Before grinding, adjust safety guards and other protections if present.
  • Wear safety glasses or equal eye protection.
  • Always wear your own protective gear adequate to the job.
Use of Grinding Wheel:

  • When starting up a grinder, always stand safely to one side and run wheel for one minute at operating speed before grinding. Check for people in front of the machine.
  • Always position and keep the grinding support at a maximum distance of 2mm from the grinding wheel or on the axis passing through the center of the wheel.
  • Switch on exhaust fan before grinding.
  • The contact between the wheel and the work-piece should be soft and regular. Do not apply too much pressure or slow down the grinding wheel.
  • Avoid thermal shocks and excessive overheating of the wheel.

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4 Inch Ironstone Grinding Wheels - Black Label - 36 Grit

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