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  • 4 Inch Copper/Resin Shine Pad - 3000 Grit

These are a new idea and a great product from Diamante Italia. They are a hybrid copper and resin bond designed for wet polishing straight edges by hand to a high luster. If you have ever had a problem getting a high gloss over the lamination area on your vertical edges these are the pads for you!

These pads use an outer polishing ring which is made from a copper bond and an inner ring from a resin bond. The copper bond is a soft metal that will take away scratches better than a metal bond will, allowing the resin bond to polish to the highest luster. Since these are not flexible they are not for polishing curved surfaces, but for straight edges they are fantastic! These are the only pads we will sell for top polishing besides the Alpha Twist-touch turbo pads.

These pads are a 4" diameter 3000 grit pad with a velcro backing and are made for & should be used by professionals. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and you are considering top polishing your seams for the first time I have one word for you - DON'T!

  • Hybrid bond
  • Top quality
  • Long life

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4 Inch Copper/Resin Shine Pad - 3000 Grit

  • $28.90

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