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  • 3 Inch x 5/8 Inch - 11 Brazed Drum, Bearing, Medium

These 3" Diameter drums are excellent for doing an inside circle, oval, or arc. They have a top bearing to get a true shape (where applicable) and feature the fastest material removal rate of any grinding drum when used on granite and other stone. This is because they are a brazed diamond tool which has 100% diamond exposure, ensuring you of always having the diamond on the material!

Brazed tools can withstand high temperatures, so you can run this tool either wet on a wet stone grinder or dry on any grinder that has a 5/8"-11 threaded spindle, and it can be run at any speed!

Another nice feature of this tool is you will never change the shape of the drum as the diamond is all on the outside of the drum in a single layer - there is no impregnated metal which can wear at different speeds!

The medium grit gives a finer grind with less finish work required than the coarse, but it has a slightly reduced material removal rate than the coarse. It is still used for manually roughing in a hole in granite for an undermount sink.

Slayer - for Killer Performance!

  • 100% diamond exposure
  • 5/8" arbor, which fits all grinders
  • Can be run wet or dry

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3 Inch x 5/8 Inch - 11 Brazed Drum, Bearing, Medium

  • $189.90

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