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  • 20mm Diamond Router Bit, Demi Bullnose, Pos. 2

This profile 'B' router position 2 bit is an aggressive diamond tool. The shape is a Demi Bullnose and the size is 2cm so it can be used on stone 20mm and thicker. This diamond router bit has 2 connecting bolts, an 8mm and a 10mm to fit CDT, Ghines, Master, Sector and other profiling machines. Since this router bit uses a continuous impregnated soft metal bond it gives consistent details with less chipping and smoother finishes.

Use this bit after the position 1 bit to give you full definition of the shape on the stone. This bit features long life and excellent value to the user. It can be used on granite marble and engineered stone. This product is from Diamante Italia.

  • Continuous impregnated no chipping
  • Excellent on granite, marble and engineered stone
  • Provides a consistent edge
  • Fast removal rate

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20mm Diamond Router Bit, Demi Bullnose, Pos. 2

  • $169.90

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