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  • 14 Inch x .125 Inch Dry Ductile Diamond Blade

These 14" dry segmented blades are made by Diamante Italia. They are made for cutting ductile iron pipe and concrete coated steel pipe. They can also be used for cutting standard masonry materials - brick, block or concrete (with or without metal reinforcement) on either a high speed saw or a brick saw.

These blades feature a 5mm tall segment that is .125" thick. They are a unique design, with diamond spiraling down both sides of the core to prevent binding and heat build-up!

This is a great blade for all purpose use and we sell most of them to municipalities, as they cut all kinds of things with them!

  • High quality
  • Excellent life
  • Great for hand held or brick saws
  • Diamond core protection

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14 Inch x .125 Inch Dry Ductile Diamond Blade

  • $179.90

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